Bio Sketch of Bob Frank

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     Raised on an Iowa farm, I spent my summer afternoons in corn fields daydreaming of adventures in faraway lands. At seventeen, while war raged in Southeast Asia, I joined the Army and graduated from West Point as an airborne paratrooper. But my years of duty were spent staring at Russian machine guns during the Cold War.
     Much of the next twenty years saw me as a road warrior for an oil company traveling to every God forsaken corner of the world: Nigerian savannas, Saudi Arabian deserts, Sumatran jungles of Indonesia -- and even Bakersfield, California.
     Always known for fantastic storytelling, I kept the entire office intrigued and rolling with laughter from my adventures. I finally ended my travels and set on a path to deliver the Third Eye Trilogy.
Note:  Background image is an ancient Tibetan painting depicting natural healing sub-theme of the Third Eye Trilogy.
          Images are similar to the Voynich Manuscript at Yale University - Google it.
(aka Lynn Boston)

Therapist and IANDS
     When I first started writing the Trilogy I had difficulty accurately describing past life regressions from the eyes of
both the practitioner and subject. To help with this, I had actual past life regressions performed by certified past life
regression therapists. This experience continued with meditative self-regressions. I built a diary map of my own past
lives, whether real or fabricated in my mind.
    To learn even more, I went back to school to became a certified and registered hypnotherapist, specializing in past
life regressions. I actively perform past life regressions similar to what Clay and Shali did in the Third Eye Trilogy. I
find myself amazed at what and how the human mind recalls or creates past lives. If it is purely imagination, I am
astounded at what the mind can create.
     Because of my interest in what happens after death I began volunteering for the 35 year old International
Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS). I am now on the Board of Directors of IANDS. After working with
hypnotherapy to access the inner mind and probe into what may be the afterlife, my interests in this area drove me to
work with studies for aiding people who have died and returned from the "other side". Dealing with so many
"enlightened" individuals has tremendously opened my eyes to the real world around us; often not the one that we
are led to believe.

Phoenix, Arizona is home.
"Entertaining, yet provocative to challenge the reader"