Questions Stimulated by the Trilogy
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     Soul Pods and Soul Mates - Really?
Ø The concept of soul pods and mates have been portrayed in many of the PLR books published by psychiatrists
and therapists.  Are there really clusters of souls that relive lives together over and over again? How do you really
Ø Could Mary Magdalene’s and Jesus’ souls have possibly been the souls of Mohammad and Maria the Copt (his
12th wife)?
Ø Could King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba have been soul mates?
Ø Could the Triumvirate of souls as described in Through the Third Eye really be possible?
Ø Have you ever been struck with the feeling that you were someone’s soul mate?
Ø Did you ever have the feeling that you knew someone before and could trust them (or not) immediately?
Ø Did you ever have that deja vous feeling with some you met?

     Soul Focus and Maturity - Prodigies, genders, super souls
Ø Do souls relive lives that focus in some specific area, occupation or gender?
Ø Could child prodigies simply be a soul that relives doing what they like to do?
Ø Could gays and lesbians really be souls preferring to relive lives as the opposite sex, not being a subject of
physiological or psychological factors?
Ø Did you ever notice how some people just naturally “have it together”?   Are these elder or more mature souls?
Ø Are “dizzy” or simply immature people just “young” souls or slow learners?
Ø Are there super souls? Could Sogui’s soul have really been the soul of Abraham, Moses, Confucius, Buddha,
Jesus and Mohammad as portrayed in Through the Third Eye?

     Political, Historical & Geographical Quandries - Hot Ones
Ø Does China really suppress the Tibetans? (minefield, here)
Ø Could the Chinese really be “paid off” to allow plane loads of secrets to be smuggled out of Tibet?
Ø What is that 3 mile long airfield doing in the middle of Tibet east of Shigatse? Space shuttle landings? For mass
troop movement into Tibet?
Ø Did Hitler’s Ahnenerbe, the Nazi think tank that promoted itself as a “study society for Intellectual Ancient
History”, really search the Himalayas, Nepal and Tibet for hidden secrets that Clay and Shali were searching for?

     Hidden Secrets of the Universe - Exist?
Ø Are there really some kind of hidden secrets of the universe as described in Through the Third Eye?
Ø Are there any kind of special highly advanced technology, science or philosophical knowledge that may be
hidden away or maybe just lost to us for now?
Ø Was there really an Atlantis tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago with scientific technology much more
advanced that our society today?
Ø Even Carl Sagan said there were hidden secrets in the great Alexandrian Library, but that they were all destroyed
over hundreds of years about two thousand years ago.  How did he know and where did it all go?
Ø If so, where did all of this advanced knowledge come from? How did these ancients get it?
Ø How come we don’t know about it?  Is someone really hiding it from the world?

     Past Life Regression - Is it real? Is it possible? Is it a hoax?
Ø Question 1:   Do we really reincarnate and live multiple lives?
Ø Question 2: If we do live multiple lives:
Ø Can we actually regress someone to their previous lives to describe the details of that life?
Ø Is there such a thing as a guide or elder soul and is it possible to converse with these entities?
Ø What is it like to recall these previous lives and how does it compare to memory?
Ø Is it possible for a hypnotist to make a regression subject recall or not recall any details of the session (as in PLR
73 vs PLR 75 protocols in the book)?
Ø Are all of these PLR books written by psychiatrists true or are these people quacks just “making a buck”?
Ø Are the Akashic Records just a bunch of mythology?

Note:  Background image is an ancient Tibetan painting depicting natural healing sub-theme of the Third Eye Trilogy.
          Images are similar to the Voynich Manuscript at Yale University - Google it.
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