Bio Sketch of E.B. Ledoux

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E.B.'s Background, experience and books:
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Voyage to Seduction by E.B. LeDoux
The Fight by E.B. LeDoux

Note:  Background image is an ancient Tibetan painting depicting natural healing sub-theme of the Third Eye Trilogy.
          Images are similar to the Voynich Manuscript at Yale University - Google it.
"Entertaining, yet provocative to challenge the reader"
After moving around New England in her earlier childhood, EB’s parents settled in a quaint town north
of Boston. The small towns of that area gave her the intimate experiences often found in the American
South, while also being close and familiar with big Eastern city life. Her high school graduating class had
only 90 students.
When she left home she never moved far from her roots. Attending college, raising children, marriage
and divorce all defined EB as the strong woman she is now. Although she admits being a bit of an introvert,
her friends say she has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. Seinfeld is her favorite television show and
she has memorized most episodes.
She has recently acquired a hobby of Caribbean cruising. Though a New Englander at heart, EB longs to
spend days in the warm summer sun. Between cruises, she slips away to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
where she strolls along the beaches with her best friend. She can often been seen riding on the back of a
EB recently earned her Masters of Science and is fully engaged in the American work force. She enjoys
writing and has made it today’s prominent interest, particularly erotica. She is currently working on an
erotic adventure which could develop into a full length novel. Only time will tell...
Growing up in New England requires EB to be a Patriots football and Red Sox baseball fan. Please enjoy
her stories despite personality flaws of favoring Boston sports teams.